Program/Project Name Program/Project Description Program/Project Date And Number
PCCA Type 2 PARTENERIAT-MATFREZ Materials and technologies for achieving Asphalt Milling knives Contract 188/2012
PNII- LASERDEP/72216 PARTENERSHIP Deposition through hybrid welding technology LASER-MIG with powder Contract 72216 / 2008
PNII- MILHAM/72218 PARTNERSHIP Reinforced hammers with recoverable waste fuel for grinding mills Contract 72218 / 2008
PNII-PNCDI 2 NANOCERAD PARTNERSHIP Addition nanomaterialís micro-alloyed for joining ceramic materials. 71-118/2007
PNII-PNCDI 2 MICROCER PARTNERSHIP Innovative technologies of obtaining by thermic spaying of composite micro-layers, type cermet, anti-wear and anti-corrosion. 2179/2007
PNII-PNCDI 2 ELMOD PARTNERSHIP Innovative technologies to accomplish modular elements designed for manufacturing plastic deformation tools. 71-039/2007
PNII-PNCDI 2 ELSUD DC PARTNERSHIP Multilayer electrodes for welding through electric resistance in points and line. 71-066/2007
PNII-PNCDI 2 TEMIPUPA PARTNERSHIP Innovative technologies and materials designed to manufacture wear parts for automobile production 71-061/2007
PNII-PNCDI 2 TOMCD PARTNERSHIP Innovative obtainment technologies from composite materials with guided proprieties of the slide bearings for the auto industry. 71-048/2007
PNII-PNCDI 2 SENMELC PARTNERSHIP Accomplishing, in modular system, of worm extrusion machines from the processing industry. 71-014/2007
INNOVATION PROGRAM ECOMAG Ecological installation for processing household waste. 112/2007
INNOVATION PROGRAM MICROPU Innovative technologies and new materials for the growth, at wear and corrosion, wear parts resistantís. 95/2007
INNOVATION PROGRAM PULVER Spray making of composite electrodes, used for hard deposits and point welding. 57/2007
INNOVATION PROGRAM THIXINJECT Developing, by tixotropization and direct mold injection, of complex parts destined electronic and communication equipment. 72/2007
IMPACT LCM PROGRAM Multifunctional research laboratory. 796/2007
DURAG RESEARCH AND EXCELENCE PROGRAM Innovative technologies and materials for the growth of the activeís elements hardness, from the component of technic equipment used in agriculture. 57/2007
PROGRAMUL CERCETARE DE EXCELENTA ELMAJET Fundamental and applied research regarding water jet and abrasive particles, magnetic oriented, processing. 256/2006
NOVABRAZ RESEARCH AND EXCELENCE PROGRAM New materials with amorphous structure for brazing, destined for special industrial applications. 221/2006
Program/Project Name Program/Project Description Program/Project Date And Number
  • 1. Ingineria materialelor metalice(feroase, neferoase si amorfe), ceramice si compozite
  • 2. Dezvoltare tehnologica si implementarea rezultatelor in productia de fabricatie a materialelor de sudare incarcare si conexe, a structurilor sudate si a celor intens solicitate la uzare
  • 3. Terotehnica si terotehnologie in sfera suprafetelor intens solicitate la uzare prin abraziune si combinatii ale acesteia cu alte tipuri fundamentale de uzare
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