Scurt istoric Sudotim AS

S.C.SUDOTIM AS S.R.L. appeared in 1994 as an alternative private research and production company of welding materials and loading.

The launch of production and research activity was based on performance and availability of relatively new equipment, resulting from restricting the activities at ICEM Bucharest, Timisoara Branch TIMASUD Timisoara and EXTRACERAM Timisoara.

The company objective is to satisfy the standing requirements of the beneficiary, our motto is Good and CHEAP through a good brand -SUDOTIM.

The initially approached domain of our company imposed the involvement in development and elaborating technologies and alloys. The aim was to provide beneficiaries key thematic research, implemented in production.

The results have propelled the company in the making and commercialization market of:

  • coated electrodes for loading through welding
  • busy flux for mechanized welding and loading and CIF
  • technologies for loading and reconditioning through welding
  • filler materials for hard brazing - silver alloys
  • filler materials for soft brazing - tin alloys
  • De-oxidation - hard and soft solder stripping
  • Tubular wire, shaped and wire products
  • rolled products obtained by cold pressing
  • applied research in the fields mentioned above
  • loading through welding activities, welding and reconditioning, the manufacturing of mild welded constructions obtained by welding and pressing.

The company is served by a team of specialists, structured in terms of qualification and age, able to conduct quality research and production activities–also able to forecast industrial policies and to promote it on the market.

The promotion policy of the company and its image is put into practice through the participation in scientific papers, symposiums and exhibitions, production of catalogs and manuals for our products, distributing them to beneficiaries and the academic environment.

The company’s dynamic is ensured by innovative ideas of the youth people advised by consecrated specialists. Results were accomplished by obtaining diplomas and medals for research in various charts in Romania.

The company has three locations, namely:

  • Headquarters, offices, showroom and warehouse in Timisoara, bv. Mihai Viteazul no. 30.
  • Guest House in Timisoara, bv. L Rebreanu
  • Production Workshop - maintenance, research laboratories and warehouses in the city Ciacova, Timis Romania.

The renewal rate is about 1.6 products per year. The company policy was and is to reinvest profits in machinery, tools and modernization. The company activity is accomplished by a interior system of procedure and the actual legislation.



    Addition nanomaterial’s micro-alloyed for joining ceramic materials.



    Innovative technologies of obtaining by thermic spaying of composite micro-layers, type cermet, anti-wear and anti-corrosion.



    Innovative technologies to accomplish modular elements designed for manufacturing plastic deformation tools.

  • 1. Metallic materials (ferrous, non-ferrous and amorphous), ceramics and composites engineering; 
  • 2. Technological development and result implementation in the manufacturing process of welded, loaded and related materials, for welded and heavy wear required structures;
  • 3. Tero-technique and terotechnology used at intense wear required surfaces through abrasion and its combinations with other basic types of wear;
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